Sunday, March 27, 2011

Join Lip-Secrets:

if i invite you to be a model ETC. just sign your stardoll username in a comment


  1. I'd be willing to work as a model :] I think I should be chosen because I'm a friendly and easy person to work with. I'm willing to change my me-doll, if I have to. I know a lot about fashion and style. I was a model for GlamuhMagazine, a modeling club on Stardoll owned by Butterfli269. I was the covergirl and did an interview. Here's the link -
    I know there's tons of people who'll apply for the job of a model, so thankies for reading this.

    xx Klara [TheSceneBabe]

  2. Hi is this where u apply for a job... im gunna post on here anyway ;)

    Ok so Id love to be an assitant, a model, or a writer :) any of those

    Ok id love to be any of those because I am obbsessed with stardoll. I know anything there is too know about stardoll and I am very commited to anything I start. Id love to be a model because I love fashion and can work any outfit. Id love to an assistant because I am totally commited and would do anything to help make this blog #1. I would love to be a writer because I used to be a writer for
    but it became very unactive. But i still loved writing for it and I can write about anything because as I said I know anything and everything there is too know about stardoll and I can write about anything.
    I love to write and think I am a good writer
    I can take direction easily
    I can take charge
    I am commited
    I know alot about fashion
    I know alot about stardoll
    I can advertise well

    Thx, i hope u consider my application. :) Id love to work here :DD

  3. Model and writer!
    because i just love fashion and all crazy kind of trends! i can do any outfit and any type of writing :) i'd love to work for you guys because i think this is an awesome opportunity, if you'd like to see some of my outfits then definitely try my album or i'm always trying to work something in my suite :)Please consider this! I'm a very committed person !

  4. A Model or Writer Please
    I think I should be chosen becasue I am always on Stardoll and I scoop out the latest trends and stories surrounding everyone and everything. I think I would be a great addition to your team!

    I have quite a lot of clothes, make-up & jewellery
    I am always on Stardoll
    I love mixing up different outfits

    I always wanted to be a writer
    I can write creatively, critically and funnily.
    I can write about anything and anyone
    I am committed!

    Consider me please :)

  5. I would like to be a graphic designer or a model i have been a model for a couple of clubs and i have been a graphic designer for the little secrets of stardoll sadly that blog got deleted

  6. I would like to apply for a writer job please.


  7. Hello, Iwould love to Be A model 1: Ithink its Just Beuty Full Being a Model2: It would mean the world to Me if i wasAmodel at Ur Amazing Blog!3: I joined ur Blog u could see My Picture There and My Name. And 4 4: ILOVE theway udo the models

  8. Btw My name on stardoll is laura34344

  9. I would really LOVE to be a model or an assistant. Which ever. Im ALWAYS (almost) on Stardoll! My name on there is Brittany_Kaiden. Check me out!

  10. I would LOVE to be a model. Please check out my youtube channel (first video the intro of my up coming tutorial videos) I hope you like it and accept me as a model(:
    I should be chosen as a model because I'm very different un like others, I love to design lots of clothes (in real life) I am a make up artist as-well, and act in a few roles and I'd be perfect to take the spotlight as a model. Thanks so much for reading ! :D

  11. Sorry I forgot my youtube channel's name LOL (NikkisShowTV) :)

  12. I would like to apply as a model :)
    I think I should be chosen because Stardoll needs new faces.
    I do know that I am a new face.
    I have wanted to model in Stardoll fashion lines , magazines and more since I came to this 'Dollywood' .
    I have modeled for Red Lips Magazine and I am currently a model for Influential Stardoll.
    That is the only modeling experience I have , unfortunately.

  13. would like to apply as a model. If you need to see my portfolio or any of my work, please guestbook me. My stardoll username is gabby1822 :)

  14. oh i already applied above but my sd username is silversky13 :)

  15. .naima .. wants to be a model ;D
    [I got an invitation, haha!]

  16. First Name: Sofi
    Last Name: Even
    Stardoll Username: Lulla96
    Skype: Sofikleo
    I don't have a lot of experience. I've modelled for some stardoll albums, and I will appear in the March issue of Red Lips Magazine.
    I've joined Stardoll in late 2007, but after a year I've decided real life was more important, so I left Stardoll. I made my return in Spring 2010. I love to blog, but I've always wanted to have a modelling 'career' on Stardoll.
    I live in Israel, but I go to an International school. I know English, Russian, French, Spanish and Swedish fluently.
    Headshot no makeup:
    Headshot with makeup:
    I log on to Stardoll everyday for at least 2 hours.
    Of course I will follow the rules! :D
    I think I should be chosen because In my opinion my medoll is very unique, not something you see all over stardoll.
    Thanks if you consider.

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  18. I Would LOVE To Be A Model Because, I Am Unique And Easy To Get Along With. I Would Say I Have A Classy But Edgy Style. I Would LOVE TO Model For You Because I Am A Followe of Your Blog And I Would be Delighted To Work For You. Skype:lizzy.kapow
    Real Name :Lizzy

  19. Hi!
    I would like to be an assistant because I like filing things organiking which blog to be done on which day...etc.I would like to be a model because I have that fashion sense to look through if I had any makeup or dresses overdone....etc.I like to be a assistant or model cause I have that unique and appreciatable style. thank you

  20. My name on stardoll is bff750 and i would love to be a model or assistant! ♥
    Please get back to me

  21. Stardoll Username: Jasmensweet
    Job: Model, or Assistant
    experience: Writer
    age: 14
    I Dee Kay

    Why i want to be apart of this blog:
    I would like to be apart of this blog because it seems really Amazing. i ♥ to try different things.


    I'm sure i could be a model i'm outgoing, Unique, and creative. i think makeup is awesome(because of all the pretty colors. and i love Clothes. I'm open to wearing new things


    I would make a great assistant, i'm easy to get along with, i'm practically always on Stardoll (not really on Tues or Thurs). I have many creative ideals im a happy person,

  22. Username: coconut_nicole
    Skype: nicole-ie
    Job I am applying for: model

    So far, I have been the face of Stardoll Fashion Week and a model for Ostentatious, L'arte De Lily, Dioguardi Couture, and more. I currently am the manager of On The Top Models, however, as of right now I am running it altogether. I have also placed second in Cycle 1 of Distinct Models.

    I do not have any experience working with blogs/websites, however there is a first for everything. :)

    Thank you!

  23. Hey, i am a experienced model and graphic designer and i am willing to be for this blog.

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